Lacquer and Lucite and Louis Chairs, Oh My!

It’s no secret that I kind of die for The Rachel Zoe Project. The plot may not be super-thrilling, but the eye candy alone is enough to keep my interest permanently piqued. When Taylor was on the show, I would tune in every week with my laptop by my side, desperately searching the internet for every leather item and gold accessory that showed up on her spindly frame. I think her fantastic taste is singularly responsible for my current credit card debt.

Nowadays, there’s a significant dearth of stripes, almost-all-leather outfits, amazing ankle boots, and of course, Taylor’s ubiquitous Wayfarers, but there’s still plenty of pretty to look at. In last night’s episode, Rachel’s new assistant, Jeremiah (speaking of eye candy, AM I RIGHT?!), worked on decorating Rachel and Rodger’s new home. “If it were up to [Rachel],” he said to Rodger, “everything in here would be white, lacquered and mirrored. She’s like a gay man.” Me too, Jeremiah! Decorate my house next! (Bonus points if you show some of that immaculate man-cleave while you do it!)

When Jeremiah finally had Rachel’s taste pegged, he visited an L.A. store called Room Service. The moment the store’s interior appeared on my TV screen, I quite literally shrieked. My visceral reaction was mostly to these chairs:

I mean, really?!

I drooled all over my couch (figuratively) for the remainder of the scene, then grabbed my laptop to let the internet stalking commence. The store’s website did not disappoint. Check out some of my favorite pieces, but beware: drooling and shrieking may ensue.


All photos via the Room Service site and Flickr Photostream. Click the images to see the product page.

These people seriously know how to do a credenza. Their pieces are eons away from a price range I could ever afford, but luckily, it’s free to look! And in the case of this insane life-size horse lamp, it’s free to laugh.

What a noble (and functional) beast.


  • Bianca Strzelczyk

    I’m so upset I forgot to DVR the season premiere! Luckily Bravo does not disappoint with reruns (and on demand).

    • Steph

      That’s definitely one good thing about Bravo — they rerun their originals to DEATH!

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