Dahlias and Discoveries

My mom calls Brad and me “The Bickersons,” and our friend Mary Alice often has to remind us that she “hates when Mom and Dad fight.” We’re two strong-minded, passionate people who always want to be right, and sometimes (OK, a lot of times), that leads to an argument. But I do hope our friends and family know how great our relationship really is. I had a nice reminder last week.


When we were planning our wedding, I discovered that I absolutely loved dahlias, so when we moved into our new place, Brad planted some in the front yard for me. We didn’t really time it right, though, so while we had several plants come up, we only had one that bloomed. Brad wanted to make sure I was able to enjoy it, and he knew that I was stupidly excited about a vase I had “made” out of a Patron bottle, so he cut the flower and brought it in for me. Isn’t it pretty?

I wanted to take a picture of it immediately, just in case it drooped overnight, but the batteries in our external flash were dead. My friend Jess had just told me that fixed 50mm lenses can take better pictures in low light, so I gave it a try. I’d shunned the fixed lens in the past, because I didn’t like not being able to zoom, but man, was I missing out! It’s definitely a little harder to shoot with (especially because I’m clueless about photography), but I liked the results a lot.

I love these next three photos of Macy. I think I’m going to frame them and hang them in my office/happy place.

Isn’t she photogenic? My little model.