Golden Garbage

Are you guys sick of my office projects yet? If not, you will be soon! Stay tuned anyway, though.

As I may have mentioned before, there is not an item in our house that’s safe from me and my trusty can of gold spray paint. The icky black mesh office accessories are no exception.

They used to look like this:

(I even left some trash in there, for authenticity’s sake.)

Bo-ring. But who wants to spend money on a new trash can when there are shoes and jackets to be purchased? Not me. Instead, I just visited another one of my favorite shopping spots: the spray paint cabinet in our garage.

The icky mesh and I spent some quality time together in the backyard with a little bit of primer and paint.

And soon enough, I had some spruced up supplies.

So much better!

This weekend, we also finally kicked off the dreaded cabinet project. After reading this and this, I decided to try oil-based paint. Neither blogger used primer, and the paint can didn’t mention primer in the label instructions, so I went against my better instincts and skipped it. I should have listened to my gut.

This is just the first coat, so I’m hoping the second coat will look better, but I’m nervous. My guess was that the exposed wood (The Hubs did a fantastic job sanding off the old stain) drank up all the paint, and some quick Googling confirmed my suspicions. According to this page, applying a gloss paint over a porous substance can cause foaming and cratering. Boo-frigging-hoo. Now I have to decide whether to sand and start over, or to keep on trucking and hope for the best.

Anyone else attempt a few projects this weekend? How’d they go?


  • I just have to say I have that same set of office accessories (except in silver), and I think I might use your tips to spruce them up!

    • You should! It was so easy and looks soooo good!

  • Alisa

    I should ask Mike and my dad what they did exactly for our kitchen cabinets. It took A LOT of playing around with like 3 different primers, and latex, and oil paint before they figured out what was going on and which cocktail to use. But the first time we tried I believe the wood just soaked it right up and you could see like yellow coming through the white. I’ll ask them…all I know is it took three coats of whatever they did hahaha

    • Alisa

      OK! so this may or may not be helpful to you lol. Since we started off with cabinet doors and have a ton of them, we were able to do trial and error. According to mike the first time they stripped the wood entirely of the stain/finish/whatever else was on there. They did use primer..and after like 3 coats (we found that Sherwin Williams Adhesion primer was the best—its strong stuff…I think its even used for if you are painting tile) was looking a lot better and I believe added two coats of paint after that. The problem was that they sanded it all the way down…because the second door they tried, they just lightly sanded to rough up the surface and didn’t have that problem at all. This was also with latex paint so i’m not sure how much of difference that makes.

      Could you just throw some primer on over the layer of paint you have on there? I don’t see why you’d have to sand again?

  • I love this. You did a great job!!

  • Love this! Cheap and easy transformations are the best! Loving your blog!

    • I am a HUGE fan of cheap and easy! 🙂 Thanks!

  • My dresser looked just like that when I tried to paint it. So infuriating! I did use primer, and that still happened. I had to re-sand, and paint again. Oil-based paint is what I used also.

    • REALLY? That’s awful! I read that it can also be caused by painting too fast, but I saw the whole “you better use primer” thing in more places, so I just figured that had to be the problem. What kind of primer did you use? Did you use a brush or a roller??

  • Ooooh you fancy!

  • I love the gold, such an easy update!

  • Kari

    Just wanted to let you know I pinned a picture of your desk. I’m trying to glam up my drab cubicle and haven’t seen anything else I like as much as your gold accents.

    • Oh, cool! 🙂 Thanks!