Glitter Wall Art Is UP!

More than two months after their completion, my DIY glitter wall “art” pieces have finally been hung. Hallelujah!

DIY glitter wall art with Ikea Ribba frames

We’d been putting it off because my husband really, really hates the flimsy hanging mechanism that comes with the Ikea Ribba frames. But when I saw a post on Little Green Notebook that suggested drilling keyhole fasteners to the top corners of the frames, I jumped at the chance to try out a more secure option. As you may recall, I occasionally jump up and down in my office, so a secure hanging job is key.

We used the exact same method that Jenny did – click here to see her post! And man, are those suckers sturdy. I asked Brad if he had any advice to add, and he said, “Drill a deep pilot hole.” Jenny recommended that, too, but he felt it was important enough to mention again. Those cheapo frames crack like nobody’s business. (If you are anything like me, it is my wish for you that you have someone around who knows what a pilot hole is. Thank goodness for the handymen and handywomen among us.)

The pictures are hung pretty high because we’re still planning to put a small TV on top of the cabinet. Try to picture it, will ya?

DIY glitter wall art with Ikea Ribba frames

Do you like how the teal/turquoise matches the wall color in our foyer? I do, too!

By the way, the round gold lacquer tray thing on my cabinet is a recent purchase from T.J. Maxx. They were only $5.99, so I bought two! I have no idea what they’re for or what they’re supposed to be, but they sure are pretty.

Gold lacquer tray vignette with vase and crystal candlestick

Have you used Ikea Ribba frames lately? What’d you put in them?