Go Target (and MLK Jr), It’s Your Birthday

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everybody! I have the day off, which can only mean one thing: I will spend the day wishing I could be working on my furniture project, but will not let myself because the house is a mess. I will then end up accomplishing nothing. Hooray!

I also need to go to a yoga class before my gift certificate expires, but I’m a little nervous. I really like the studio (Balance Yoga in Buckhead), but last time I went, it was very clear that I was the least-skilled person there, which was a bummer because I was kind of awesome at yoga back when I was practicing 3-4 times a week at Back Bay Yoga in Boston. As a result of this, I pushed myself way too hard and could barely walk for five days. That would not be OK to happen again, since I’m now pretending to be a runner training for a half-marathon.

Anyway, I’m going to try and force myself to go to the Ashtanga class, because it’s a running rest day, and I know the stretching would be good for my poor, aching legs. I just have to make sure not to tear my muscles apart again.

The real point of this post, though, is to talk about Target’s home decor section and how incredible it is right now. I found this out via the wonderful Danielle Oakey, who posted about it a couple weeks ago. When I was at Target last week shopping for baby shower supplies, I couldn’t resist checking it out. And look what I found!

Target Golden Days Collection Decorative Floor Pouf

I’ve been dying for a gold floor pouf ever since I saw the ones from the Calypso St. Barth collection. Remember those? They were $59.99, but they were smaller and much shinier. This one is kind of tacky-looking, I’ll admit, but the muted gold shade and tufting are much more appropriate for my office. I love it! It’s been added to my new collection of floor seating, which also includes a giant pillow from Ikea and a smaller cushion that will eventually be covered with the leftover fabric from my no-sew curtains project.

Office Floor Seating with Target Gold Pouf and Ikea Cushions

Brad thought it was weird that I wanted extra “seating” in my office, because nobody ever goes in there but me, but I think having a room with just one chair feels lonely and sad. Having more seats make it feel cozier, and like some day, someone might want to visit me in there. Plus, our dog Macy loves the floor pillows.

While I was at Target, I also spotted ONE lone gold chevron lamp shade buried in the back of one of the shelves. In my opinion, this is THE item from the collection, so I was pretty pumped to snag one.

Target Gold Chevron Lamp Shade
Gold Chevron Lamp Shade – $19.99.

The lamp shade and pouf are both part of Sabrina Soto’s Golden Days collection, which is kind of amazing. It’s all mirrored furniture, gold accents, soft pastel florals and chevrons. I mean, come on. The Hue and Mod Morocco collections are pretty insane, too. Get thee to a Target, immediately!

I’m really loving my office right now. Our Christmas tree has its new home in here, and it’s a little weird to randomly have a potted pine in the middle of my semi-Hollywood-Regency-esque decor, but I sort of like the forest feeling it gives the room.

Gold, White and Yellow Office

Josie does, too.

Josie Behind the Potted Pine

Wish me luck at my yoga class today, guys! By the way, I’m also very clearly the poorest person at the studio, as evidenced by my lack of Lululemon apparel. Seriously, it’s almost comical – the whole store is represented in one room. I actually saw multiple women wearing the same outfit in differently colors. I’ll be rocking my outfit from the Target women’s active section, thank you very much.


  • That lampshade is amazing! I’m totally going to Target today and scoping out some deals. I love Target – it really is the best.

    • Yessss, can’t wait to see what you find!

  • I was just there yesterday and stopped in my tracks when I saw that section. I was in love! I wanted everything!! I got the chevron lamp shade too!

    • Woohoo! Isn’t it amazing?!

  • That lampshade is fantastic! Also, don’t feel bad about the lululemon…I yoga at WellStar Health Place with the rest of the East Cobb Snobs and I’m the only one in sweats and an old sorority tee. As long as you rock it, right? 🙂

    • Ha! East Cobb Snobs — I’ve never heard that one. I like it! 🙂

  • I love the lamp shade!

  • I came home today and in a super whine-y voice said to Jack “Steph Shore has the COOLEST office. We don’t need a guest bedroom — I want an office.” He told me when we move to the suburbs. Sigh. I hate being practical.

    (And yes – I still refer to you as Shore. 🙂 )

    • Ha! Awww. I don’t have the coolest office, if it makes you feel any better — the carpet smells really musty and weird, and the walls are super uneven and the closet doors don’t really close. But it IS nice to have one. Can you make your guest bedroom into a hybrid space, like Young House Love used to have? (http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/08/one-room-three-functions/)

  • I AGREE! Target is really getting it together! We have all seen the clothing line become awsome, with all the designer colab and all! but seeing them improve the home line to is GREAT!!!

    loving your office! mine suck in comparison!

    love K

    • Yesssss, go Target! I bet your office is awesome. 🙂

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