Bless My Husband’s Hanging Skills

Our mini-gallery wall frames have been hung!

Mini Gallery Wall Close Angle

Mini Gallery Wall in Foyer

For now, most of the “art” is temporary. The grey marbled paper will stay, and potentially the other marbled pieces (bottom left and top left). The turquoise ikat paper in the upper-right will eventually be moved to another frame in our bedroom. The two small pieces in the center are the sloppy result of Brad and I messing around with a watercolor palette and some printer paper. And the gorgeous piece in the left-center was painted by my friend Jess. Aren’t the colors amazing?! It’s going to be moved to a smaller frame, once I have one, though I think the white space makes a cool statement.

Mini Gallery Wall - DIY Watercolors

When my order from Society6 comes in, Earl the octopus will replace Jess’s painting, and the Tchmo abstract cloudscape will replace the ikat paper. We’re not sure what’s going to replace our crappy DIY watercolors in the center yet. Maybe it’ll be less crappy DIY watercolors?

I also framed the yellow and gold ikat and hung it in our living room.

Wall Art Living Room

This collection of frames has been a work in progress since we lived in our last apartment. The Ikea photography has got to go, and soon, it’ll be replaced. Bye bye, random fruit and wildflowers!

Do you ever use placeholder art just to get some frames on the wall?

UPDATE: See how I finally updated my Ikea Rast dressers in this post!


33 thoughts on “Bless My Husband’s Hanging Skills

  1. I can vouch for Brad’s hanging skills. And, vintage kitchen set assembly skills! And, box cutting skills. I could go on and on.
    The walls look great! Vintage family photos are are also a cool way to fill up walls. Not very colorful though.

  2. That does look amazing! Three cheers for skilled hubbies!

    Can you share your source for the drapes? We just redid our bedroom and I think they might be a good match for our paint color.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

  3. Oh my goodness, everything looks amazing! I love it all! That wall is simply breathtaking – it’s so clean and simple, and I love all the colors. I’m glad B got everything hung so that you could share these fantastic pictures with us – I’m seriously in love. :)

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