To the Moon and Back

Well, here we are again, ladies and gentleman. Monday has arrived. No matter how many times we defiantly pull ourselves free of her tenacious, evil grasp, she keeps on returning for us. Will we never be free?!

This week, I’ll admit I found myself unprepared for the battle. The weekend went by way too quickly, and with much more activity than I’m equipped to handle. It contained sake bombs, cheap sushi, too much dancing to ’90s R&B , a going-away party for my dear friend Jeff, two stubborn hangovers, brunch, The Hunger Games, a one-mile run, and a new tattoo.

Guess How Much I Love You - Ribcage Tattoo
(It’s the last line from the children’s book Guess How Much I Love You, and it’s dedicated to my mommy. The tattooing process was very unpleasant, but obviously totally worth it!)

My body is freaking ravaged. But you have to have those kinds of weekends every once in a while, I think, especially when you’re in your 20s and don’t have any reason not to go a little crazy and push yourself to your breaking point.

For those keeping track of my injury adventures – my run was great! It wasn’t pain-free, or even almost-pain-free, but it still felt so good. In order for my physical therapist to be OK with new activities, the pain has to stay below a 5 (on a scale of 1-10), and I was around a 4, so I’m cleared to continue! I’m only supposed to do one run before I see her on Friday – a mile and a half – but it’s better than nothing. So much better than nothing.

So, guys, how were your weekends?

  • Had a great weekend and I too drove myself into the ground for the love of friends and family, but it was totally worth it. I love the tattoo! The ribs are supposed to be a brutal location, so good for you for sticking it out.

    I’d can’t wait to hear more about your running adventures! I also love running and am beginning to notice how it’s starting to control my brain. I’ve started following you so I can hear more about it. Thank you!

    • Your weekend sounds awesome! Thanks for the compliment on the tattoo. 🙂 I wouldn’t say it was quite brutal, but just very uncomfortable and not super fun.

      Thanks for following me! I’m checking out your blog, too! I’ll hopefully be writing more about running as I get back into it. Yay!

      • Is the tattoo affecting your running? Given the placement, I’d be nervous my clothing would rub on it a lot, but I like the idea of a rib piece, so I am curious. 🙂

        • I was worried about that, too, especially since I got my tattoo the same weekend I was supposed to start running again — and I was so excited about both, I couldn’t give either one up! I ran the day after I got my tattoo, and I basically just hiked my sports bra up on that side so it was above the tattoo. It did still end up getting a little irritated, but no worse than it does on a regular day. Can’t avoid shirts, ya know? I’m on my fifth day of the healing process now and I think I’m almost past the point where shirts/bras irritate it. 🙂 It’s a pain in the ass, I won’t lie … but only for a week or so!

  • oooh I’m loving the jeans! AND the jeans/belt combo. And obv the new tatt.

  • Grace

    Leave it to Stephanie to accessorize her jeans/belt combo with a crisp new tattoo!
    I do think the dedication is very sweet! I love that book – I wish I wrote it.
    And, you might as well enjoy the body ravaging in your 20’s. Pretty soon it will become unacceptable.

  • At 29, I’m still think I can go crazy and push myself to my breaking point, but my hangovers are becoming so deadly that I’m realizing I might need to scale it back. Drinking two nights in a row destroys me now. Getting older blows!

    And…HUNGER GAMES?!?! Did you love it? I have a total girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence.

    • My hangovers are AWFUL! They always have been, though, so if they’re going to get worse as I get older, I’m in big trouble. I NEVER drink two nights in a row — I can’t believe I did it this weekend!

      YES, Hunger Games was so good!! Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. I still remember her from The Bill Engvall Show … she has REALLY improved, haha!

  • um, that blog above is not my blog. It was a super old test blog I made. just wanted to clarify 🙂