Savannah Sunburn

I’m back from Savannah! What’s that? You didn’t know I even left? That’s OK. It all happened so fast. One minute, I was scrambling to finish a boatload of work, and the next, I was eating broiled sea scallops at a riverside restaurant called Tubby’s Tank House.

This was my first time visiting Savannah, despite the fact that I’ve lived in Georgia for four years now, and I loved it! The Hubs and I made the drive with my mom and her fiancé, who were visiting from Connecticut. We scarfed down seafood, sampled local cocktails, walked down River Street, and soaked up the sun on Tybee Island. … Maybe just a little too much sun. Every single one of us was sunburned.

Brad Steph - Tybee Island Beach

You can’t see it yet in this photo, but I was in the middle of roasting my chest so badly it actually blistered. I know. I’m way too old for that, and I should have known better. I feel really, truly stupid. Also, I’m not sure why I look six months pregnant in that photo. I swear I’m not keeping anything from you guys. Incidentally, how do you like my new fedora?! I’m not sure if straw fedoras are cool anymore, but I still love them.

We shopped a little bit in the City Market area, and I definitely need to share my souvenirs with you all at a later date – particularly a certain geological structure that I’ve been lusting after for a very long time. I shall take pictures this weekend, perhaps, but until then, I’ll just leave you with this lovely family photo of the four of us by the Savannah River.

Steph Brad Grace Rob - Savannah River

Did I mention you can walk around outside with alcoholic beverages there?! I LOVE SAVANNAH.

What nearby touristy area have you been avoiding? Come on, we all have one – YOU SHOULD GO!


  • I’ve been dying to go to Savannah! We don’t really have touristy things in my state (Mississippi), but we have amazing ones around us (New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham, the coast, just to name a few). The only touristy things we have, I’m such a nerd about that I go to them anyways whenever I can.

    • You’ve got the Mississippi River, right?? I hear it’s gorgeous!