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Guys! I finally got an amethyst geode!

Amethyst Geode

Isn’t it beauuuutiful? As a child, I occasionally pretended my birthstone was amethyst, because I loved purple, and my birthstone was actually alexandrite, which is equally purple and beautiful, but very rare and therefore very expensive. I’ve always loved amethyst geodes, and now I own one! We found a whole store full of them in Savannah, and my mom bought me one as an early birthday gift.

Right now, it’s perched on top of our Beatles box sets in the living room, but I’ll find a better home for it eventually. Somewhere that isn’t in the office, preferably.

Amethyst Geode

In honor of this momentous occasion, I’ve collected a few of my favorite geode inspiration photos. I realized while I was digging through my Pinterest account that many of them came from this great post by Kendra over at Haus and Home.

Amethyst Geode - Coffee Table - Design Sponge
from Design*Sponge

Amethyst Geode - Fireplace - Lonny
from Lonny via Haus and Home

Amethyst Geode - Amanda Ross - Coveteur
from The Coveteur via Arianna Belle

Amethyst Geode - Shelf - Lonny
from Lonny via Haus and Home

Amethyst Geode Air Plant - Etsy
from Earth Sea Warrior on Etsy (which by the way, has AMAZING things)

Amethyst Geode - Hannah Blackmore
from Hannah Blackmore via Haus and Home

Apparently, amethysts are not the geode du jour anymore – it’s agate now, haven’t you heard?! But that’s OK with me. I also love agate, and will have one of those soon, too. Kate of Centsational Girl found a pair of blue bookends at HomeGoods for $20! You can bet your butt I’ll be checking our local store.

Centsational Style - Blue Agate Bookends - HomeGoods
from Centsational Style

I’ll admit, though – I would definitely prefer purple.

Are you hot for rocks, too? What’s your geode of choice? (For the record, I’m still obsessed with druzy jewelry. Looooove.)


  • My sister was really into rocks as a kid, so I know I’ve got an amethyst (or some other purple amethyst-looking rock, I don’t know) around here somewhere but I can’t for the life of me remember what I did with it!

    • Oh no! Buried treasure!

  • I absolutely LOVE the one in the fireplace! It makes me want both a geode and a fireplace on the ASAP…

    • ME. TOO. Unfortunately, those giant ones are like, thousands of dollars. I need to go digging in a quarry to find my own!

  • So pretty! I used to have an amethyst geode when I was little and really into collecting rocks and shell and stuff. Mine was a lot smaller than yours though.

    • I used to collect rocks, too! I wish I knew where they all are!

  • Natural Wonders was a hotspot for young rock collectors. It’s a shame they all get lost in the fray, after seeing these pictures. Stunning.

    • Aren’t they beautiful?

  • Sghadry

    Love the collection especially the one from earthseawarrior!

    • That shop has SUCH insanely awesome stuff!

  • Well, damn! Now I want an amethyst geode! It’s so beautiful!

    • Yessss, get one!!

  • 1st off…. this blog has best name ever!

    2nd… looooooOOve the fireplace! had to pin it ,)

    3rd…. THANKS for featuring my Amethyst Air Plant Garden!

    Cheers Steph ❤ !


    • You’re so welcome — I LOVE your shop!

  • Thanks for the mention. I have one now too after I did that post. My mother in law saw the post and bought me one.