I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Ghost Chairs

I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a ghost chair for a long time.

First, I considered buying one to go with my Parsons desk, like this:
Parsons Desk - Ghost Chair - Fuchsia
Image via La Dolce Vita

But I’ve heard they’re not super comfortable for extended usage, and when I work from home, I sit at my desk all day long, so that wasn’t going to work.

My next thought was to get one as an accent chair for my foyer, but I just never really could find an excuse to spend the money.

But now that we’re potentially shopping for dining room furniture, I’m wondering if I can work them in somehow. See, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of modern glam – white lacquer, gold, lucite, etc. But when it comes down to it, could I really make that look work in my permanent home? No way! Let’s be honest – I’m just not that cool. Plus, I’ve got Brad’s taste to contend with. When you put the two of us together, you get what I call modern rustic glam. And luckily, that seems to be a pretty popular look with dining rooms. The easiest recipe? A chunky wood table paired with sleek, modern chairs.

Image via Houzz

Decorpad - Farmhouse Table - Modern White Chairs
Image via Decorpad

If you ask me, this is the perfect way to use ghost chairs.

HGTV - Reclaimed Wood Table - Ghost Chairs
Image via HGTV

HGTV - Round Wood Table - Ghost Chairs
Image via HGTV

Houzz - Chunky Wood Table - Ghost Chairs
Image via Houzz

Houzz - Wood Table - Ghost Chairs - Gray Walls
Image via Houzz

They can skew more contemporary …
Desire To Inspire - Contemporary - Wood Table - Ghost Chairs
Image via Desire to Inspire

Or shabby chic …
Nest Dallas Design - Wood Table - Ghost Chairs
Image via Nest Interior Design

Or even country, somehow.
Inside The Loop - Farmhouse Table - Ghostchairs
Image via Inside the Loop

I personally love them draped with some texture-y fabric to add warmth.

Bubbel Soda - Wood Table - Ghost Chairs - Fur
Image via Bubbel Soda

This is one of my very favorite looks:
Glitter Guide - Wood Table - Ghost Chair - Sheepskin
Image via The Glitter Guide

We’ll have to get our future house decorated before we decide exactly what we want to do, but we do know that our dream dining table would look something like this:
Pottery Barn - Solomon Dining Table
From Pottery Barn

Except, you know, perhaps a little cheaper than $1,899. So we’ll see!

How would you integrate something as modern as a ghost chair into a real life home?


  • Ghost chairs would be especially wonderful if you have a smaller dining room. They just seem to open up the space so much. Can’t wait to see what chairs you decide on for your house!

    • I definitely have some planning to do!

  • I LOVE ghost chairs! I think they’re so modern and chic, and particularly perfect for small spaces.

    • I love them, too! I just wish they were a liiiittle bit cheaper. 🙂

  • not sure if ur still blogging – but i found this post during a google search – love the blog!

    • I am still blogging — just not as often as I’d like to! Thanks so much for coming by! 🙂

  • dave

    Love the photos – We sell replica ghost chairs at instylemodern.com if you want this look for cheaper – Drop us a line 🙂