House Tour: Full Frontal

Ready to meet my new house? OK, cool. My apologies in advance: Some of these photos aren’t great.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Front of the house

So, as you can see, it’s light blue. It has vinyl siding, so we won’t be painting it – it’s light blue FOREVER!

One aspect that we loved right off the bat was the front porch. Some giant bushes make it quite private. We’re trimming them. We want to people watch!

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Front of the house

The porch isn’t very deep, but it’s decently wide. On the longer side, we want to add two comfortable chairs – either Adirondack chairs or something with cushions – and a little table for cocktails and snacks. You know, people watching fuel.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - World Market Outdoor Furniture
Via World Market

How much is that doggy in the window?

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Front porch

I’m also hoping to add big planters on either side of the door, and hanging plants over the railings.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Front porch

See how the porch floor looks different in front of the door? There’s sand mixed into the paint so that it’s not slippery when wet! Cool, right?

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Front Door

The front door is red, but it’s not very noticeable behind the storm door. I’d really like to paint it yellow, a la Love & Renovations/Young House Love.

Young House Love - Yellow front door
Via Young House Love

The house has a two-car garage and a fenced backyard – two very important items on our house search checklist.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Garage

The garage is really tight right now, though, due to tons of shelving and storage, and a very large hot water heater. Hopefully, we’ll be able to fit both cars after we clean it out, and potentially upgrade the water heater to tankless.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Mailbox

We’ve actually already started sprucing up the mailboxes and wooden post. They needed some serious TLC. That’ll be another post, when we’re done!

So that’s the front of our house! Got any suggestions for further sprucing?


  • I love it!  We’re just tiptoeing toward a house hunt, so I’m jealous that yours is behind you 🙂

    We found a “build-your-own” Adirondack chair kit at Lowe’s.  I can’t remember the price, but if you’re interested in having a little DIY freedom, that could be a good avenue to explore.

    • Nooo, enjoy the hunt! It’s fun! Ours was VERY short, and then the wait until closing was VERY long. Not the ideal experience, I’m sure!
      Totally checking out the Adirondack chair kit. I really want good quality ones, but they’re SO expensive. Thanks for the tip, lady!

  • Madeleine Patton

    So kind of weird. I’ve been following your blog for a bit – I too am somewhat interior design obsessed since my fiance bought me a house this spring. Funny thing is, my house is down the street from yours. In fact, the developer that built my house also built yours. Can I come visit once you’re done decorating? LOL. Crazy, right?

    • Say WHAT?! That’s insane! Smallest world ever??

  • I love it! I’ve always wanted a big porch! 

  • Alecia Mclochlin

    The house is awesome!  Congrats, guys!  I look forward to reading about all the projects you’ll be taking on with it.  As for suggestions, I can totally see a pergola with flowering vines over the garage in a few years.  🙂

    • Thanks, Alecia! 🙂 How sad is this — I had to Google “pergola.” I’m so new at this! But now that I’m seeing pictures, that is SUCH a good idea! 

  • Ah! I LOVE the outside of your house – so, so cute. I’m jealous of that porch!!

    • I’ll trade you for your beautiful stone exterior! 🙂

  • Congrats on your new home! I love the porch. We’re doing a whole curb appeal makeover on ours now, too and I’m so jealous of your porch. I think the chairs you picked will be a great addition for people watching.

    • Your house is looking amazing so far! I LOVE the black shutters.

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  • Jeanne

    Hi Steph , I heard about your blog and had to take a look! Your house is wonderful, I’m so happy for you two. You have great ideas too. We have a front yard deck and use it every Friday night for wine with the neighbors. It has become a summer tradition and we have met many new friends this way! I know you will enjoy your porch as much as we enjoy ours.

    If you are still looking for suggestions, how about a flag? Fly it off one of your posts.

    Hugs to you and your hubby from his godmother!

    • Hi Jeanne! So nice to hear from you! 🙂
      We haven’t had wine on our porch yet, but I love the idea. I think we need to start doing that on a regular basis for sure!