2014 Patio Style Challenge Participants

The Home Depot Apron Blog has posted the list of Patio Style Challenge participants! Yay!

Home Depot 2014 Patio Style Challenge Participants

I’m definitely still pinching myself about being included. All of the bloggers are amazing, and I secretly keep thinking that my space is going to look like a big ol’ dump compared to theirs. But NO – must think positively!

Regardless, you should check out all their blogs immediately.
First row: Amber | Amy | Anna
Second row: Ashley | Caitlin | Camille
Third row: Carrie | Courtney | Eileen
Fourth Row: Emily and Ryan | Erika | Gloribell
Fifth Row: Jennifer | Joni | Justina
Sixth Row: Kristen | Kristin | Lesley
Seventh Row: Lindsay | Mandy | Michelle
Eighth Row: Shavonda | AND THEN ME!

I’ve posted about the Style Challenge a few times, but I guess I never actually explained what is is, because a few people have asked me about it. Here’s the basic idea: Home Depot provides each blogger with a new patio furniture set, and we style an outdoor space around it. We also received gift cards to Home Depot to purchase supplies for both styling and DIY projects. We’re not required to build anything crazy, but because Brad and I are over-achievers, we asked Home Depot if we could also build a pergola, and they graciously agreed. But even though our pergola will be the most time-consuming part of this challenge, it’s definitely not the only part! I am going DIY-crazy.

We’ll be done with the actual challenge by the end of March, so expect to see some regular posts appearing more frequently on my blog after that. However, the reveal on The Apron Blog won’t be posted until April or May, so it’ll be a little while before I can share all the details here on Glitter and Goat Cheese! I promise it’ll all be worth it, though. In the meantime, I’m posting lots of sneak peeks on Instagram, and I’ll probably continue to share my inspiration here.

For example: Now that it’s finally getting warmer, I’m gearing up to start buying plants. I still have to decide which types of plants to get – our deck faces south, so it gets a lot of direct light. That means my precious fiddle leaf fig is out. Boooooo. I’m sure I’ll find some winners, though. All I know for sure is that I want a stupid amount of plants. Like, green everywhere.

Kind of like this:

Got any suggestions for attractive potted plants that can handle several hours of direct sunlight? So far, I’m thinking succulents (duh), yuccas and snake plants. That’s all I’ve got, though, so if any of you have any ideas, I’m all ears!

  • Nice to meet you Stephanie! Glad to be in good company for the patio challenge 🙂