Dia de los Muertos

Happy Halloween, everybody! In honor of this very special holiday (my favorite!), I have to share two All-Hallows-Eve-approved items that recently came into my possession.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Gold skull from Z Gallerie

I’ve been wanting a gold skull FOREVER. I managed to DIY some glitter versions last year, but sometimes, DIY just can’t replace the real thing. And while my new version from Z Gallerie isn’t actually metal – it’s ceramic coated with a metallic finish – it’s a lot closer than spray paint! Plus, it was only $14.95. That’ll hold me over until I can afford this one. Oh, and in case you’re wondering: Of COURSE it’s not just for Halloween! Like my glitter skulls, this thing is definitely staying out all year round.

I’ll also be rocking this outside of October:

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Brass skull necklace - Monserat de Lucca Presents Defy

It’s made by Monserat De Lucca, and I got it at an amazing store called Yates & Kennedy in Provincetown.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Monserat De Lucca Presents Defy - Brass Three Skull Necklace

It’s made of 100% brass, and I’m frigging obsessed with it. Did I mention I really love skulls?

We’re packing up to move into the new house (!!!), so we won’t be doing anything exciting tonight. How are you guys planning to celebrate Halloween?


Nine to Five

I’m way late on posting this – it’s been an INSANE couple of days, and I can’t wait to tell you all why! – but I had to thank the lovely Shannon and Alex for featuring me in their amazing Nine to Five feature!

Every week, they feature a different blogger’s workplace style, with outfit details on one blog and a Q&A on the other. I love reading it, and I’m so excited that I got to be a part of it this Monday!

Outfit - Coral Skirt

Check out my outfit details here and my Q&A here.


I’m All Over the Place

Hi, guys! Happy Monday! Just stopping by for some shameless self-promotion.

  1. I’m recapping my wedding over on Weddingbee! If you’re interested, you can see all my posts here: weddingbee.com/author/panther. The latest post features an epic battle between my bridesmaids and my wedding gown’s zipper.
  2. I’m going to Chicago this week for a comedy festival for work! I’m so excited! I’ll be dusting off the old journalism skills to cover tons of shows and interview some awesome comedians. I’m be live-tweeting the whole trip from @STEPHatTBS. Follow me!

And, because nobody likes a post without pictures: Hey, look! My nails match my belt!

Neon Coral Belt and Nails
Nails: “Lightning Orange” by Gel II | Belt: J. Crew (similar)

So, how were your weekends? What are you guys up to this week?


I Swear I Don’t Shop That Much

I just want to discuss a few things with you guys.

First, you’ve all heard about The Shops at Target, right? I think word has spread, but just in case: Target is working with small boutique owners across the country to bring a line of their products to Target stores for six-week runs. I got this amazing coral tray for just $19.99 from the Privet House shop – which I love, and not just because the original is in Connecticut (my homeland).


I also picked up these navy blue seahorse bookends. I believe they’re by Target Home, though I can’t find them on the site to confirm. Either way, $9.99, y’all!


I’m a sucker for anything nautical, and some day, these will hold up my cookbooks on the imaginary cookbook shelf in my imaginary nautical-themed kitchen.

Next, I also would like to congratulate my sequined Coach bag: she had a baby!


My new Coach Poppy Zippy wristlet was another early birthday gift from my mom. It’s perfect for separating out my must-haves in my massive purse, and I love that I can take it on the go if I only need a few things.


And lastly, I just wanted to let y’all know that I finally found a pair of subtle cat eyes that look OK on me! Please observe this super-awkward photo I took of myself in my backyard.


They’re the Oakley Fringe. I know Oakley isn’t that hip, but I don’t really have the funds for designer right now, and plus, I tried on all the designer cat eyes in Nordstrom and they all looked terrible on me! I love how these fit my face, and what’s cool is that because Oakley is a sporty brand, they’re really sturdy and great for running. I’ve wanted a pair of cat eyes ever since I spotted the beautiful Karen Walkers and House of Harlows at Atlantic-Pacific, so I’m happy as a clam.

Have you picked up anything exciting lately?


From Kicks to Keepsakes

Do you own anything that you love beyond words but just can’t find a use for? I have many such items, and I’m constantly looking for something – anything – to do with them.

One prime example is my beautiful Jimmy Choo wedding shoes.

Raw Photo Design - Jimmy Choo Gold Clue - Wedding
Photo by Raw Photo Design

I love the crap out of them, but I really don’t go anywhere dressy enough to justify their usage. I’m well aware that they’d probably still look amazing with a pair of jeans and T-shirt, but to be honest, slingback pumps just generally aren’t my style, and … shhhh … they’re not very comfortable. Still – we all know how I feel about gold glitter. A pair of shoes this beautiful – and expensive – just doesn’t belong in a box in the back of my closet.

Another example? A giant monogrammed glass dome from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn - Large Glass Dome
Photo from Pottery Barn

When I registered for this massive thing, I had visions of using it to cover an artfully-arranged platter of baked goods, or a half-eaten birthday cake, or … I don’t know, something else Pottery Barn-esque. And I have done that, like, once. But it has spent most of its lifetime sitting on the bottom shelf of our console table. What a waste!

So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw a post on Arianna Belle’s blog about displaying a special pair of shoes under a glass dome.

Images via Arianna Belle Organized Interiors / From Lucky and Lonny

It was the perfect solution for me! I didn’t waste any time in rearranging the cabinet in my office (the one room in our house where gold glitter decor is acceptable) to accommodate my new display.

Jimmy Choo Gold Clue Shoe - Glass Bell Jar Dome

I’m in love. I don’t have a pretty pedestal like the ones in the inspiration photos, but a gold disc from T.J. Maxx worked out all right.

Jimmy Choo Gold Clue Shoe - Glass Bell Jar Dome

I think the “F” gives it a certain wedding-y touch, since it was one of the first monogrammed items we received.

And hey – they match my glitter art!

Jimmy Choo Gold Clue Shoe - Glass Dome Bell Jar

Would you ever put a pair of shoes on display in your home?