Gray and Gold Rast Hack

WHOA. I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since my last post! I’ll be honest: We’ve finally reached the point where we can’t really justify spending any more money on stuff for the house. Consequently, I have nothing new and don’t have much to post about (though I do still need to finish the house tour). BUT – I did recently finish a furniture DIY that’s been a long time coming.

I’ll just dive right in and show you:
Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

Over a year after purchasing two Ikea Rast dressers, I finally got around to painting them!

Let’s go back to the beginning. I got the idea for this project from Design Manifest. This was my inspiration:

This is what the Rasts looked like when I first purchased them, of course:

I spray-painted the toe kicks gold immediately while the dressers were still in multiple pieces. Then, Brad put them together for me, and I brought them into the foyer to use for storage while they were waiting to be completed. Remember?

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - before painting

For whatever reason, though, I never ended up painting them. And once we moved into our new house, they came along, still unfinished. Here’s a peek at how they looked on Thanksgiving:

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hast - before painting

I didn’t get motivated until right before we decided to host a Super Bowl party. It was the first time most of our friends would see our new home, and I wanted it to look good. So, I gathered my supplies: Kilz spray primer; a foam roller; and Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint in Satin, color-matched to Benjamin Moore’s Ashland Slate (the same color as our kitchen cabinets and guest room walls).

I already had all the hardware: Antique brass decorative corners from Hardware World, and brass ring pulls from Lee Valley (43mm x 51mm burnished bronze, to be specific). The decorative corners had to be glued on – I used a Krazy Glue pen – so my plan was to lacquer the dressers before anything permanent happened. Unfortunately, spray lacquer can only be used in temperatures above 55 degrees, and that wasn’t going to happen before the party. So, I just put the hardware on anyway, because I am the most impatient person on the planet.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

When I do get around to lacquering these and have to tape off the decorative corners, I know I’m going to be cursing myself. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

I’m actually glad I didn’t paint these until we got here, because I love that they’re the same color as the kitchen cabinets. It ties the two rooms together without being too matchy.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

There was just one snafu in this process: My gold toe kicks got kicked to the curb. Somehow, they got really dirty and stained and dark and gross over the course of the year. I could have re-painted them, but that would have required either taking them apart or taping them off, and I was just in too much in a hurry. Instead, I primed right over the dirty gold. They look nice for now, but I think I might like to goldify the toe kicks by hand at a later date. Maybe with high-quality acrylic? Or gold leaf? I just don’t know!

So, what do you think of my Rasts? Worth the wait? Should I goldify the toe kicks, or leave them gray?


Holy Hardware!

Lucky me – I’m cursed blessed with a husband who actually cares about interior decorating. I appreciate his enthusiasm and all, but the flip side of the coin is that I have to share creative control. I hate sharing.

However, our most recent rental home has three bedrooms, and because I work from home fairly often, I got one of them as my office! This means that for the first time since college—when I was too poor and clueless to know anything about decorating—I have my very own room that’s all mine to design. I call it My Happy Place.

The plan for this room is bright, glossy white furniture with gold and sunshine yellow accents. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to replace everything at once, so I’m working with used Craigslist pieces and remnants from my dorm room. Some of it will be refinished, and some of it will be simply tolerated for the time being. For now, I’ve been working on making little tweaks. Tweak #1: Hardware adjustments.

One of the “tolerate for the time being” pieces was the Ikea “Mikael” drawer unit. Sorry to disappoint you – they don’t sell it online anymore, so I can’t link you to it. It looks like this:

via Kaboodle

There’s actually not that much wrong with it. The shape is fine, and at first glance, the colors work. But when you look closer (in real life) … GASP! Those drawers aren’t white! They’re off-white! When you’re going for bright white, there’s nothing worse. I’d paint it, but I have no idea what it’s made out of. The only option to make it more bearable? GO FOR THE GOLD!

[There are so many hanging cords in this photo. They’re driving me nuts. The Hubs needs to staple those jerks underneath the carpet, stat.]

I just spray-painted the drawer pulls. I’m not sure if anyone else would notice the difference, but I think I actually might like this little guy now! Maybe I’ll do some research on how to paint it. I just bought some spray lacquer for another office project, and I think the drawer fronts might really enjoy being a little glossier. That black lamp needs a makeover, too. I’ll deal with that later.

After I finish refinishing a $15 Ikea Rast nightstand as my practice project, I’m going to tackle this beast:

No, not the heinous 2002-era TV: the media cabinet. We bought it on Craigslist. It’s solid pine and has some potential, I think. I’m planning to paint it mostly white with gold accents, and then of course, hit it with a bunch of lacquer. Kind of like this, but shinier:

I’m awesome at Photoshop. Shut your mouth.

I tried spray-painting the existing knobs gold, but they came out terrible. Plus, they’re too small.


Luckily, I found these pretty ones at Lowe’s.

They’re clear from the side, but a really pretty, warm yellow from the front. I can’t wait to see how they look against white!

I’m feeling pretty good about this cabinet. Cross your fingers for me that I don’t totally destroy it when I attempt refinishing it, OK? Thanks!

PS: Can you spot the striped kitty tails in this post?