Paintings for Poor People

You guys may have already noticed this, but: I’m really into abstract art lately. The bigger and brighter and brush-strokier, the better. I’ve supported my obsession in the past with cheap framed prints and DIY watercolors, but our new house has a lot of wall space, and I can’t fill the whole thing with Ikea Ribba frames, you know?

What I really want to add are some large paintings – made with actual paint, not a printer – either on a gallery wrap canvas or in a super-simple frame without any glass. With our neutral walls, furniture and floors, some giant colorful pieces would make an amazing statement. I mean, look at these rooms!

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Jamie Meares' living room - via Lonny

Via Lonny

Unfortunately, as I believe I’ve mentioned a few times … cash is tight right now, and real art is expensive. Some day, I’d really like to commission something from Parima Studio or Kristen F. Davis, but I don’t think that’s in the cards at the moment. For now, I’ve decided to try creating my own with acrylics. Luckily for me, my best friend is an amazing artist and is helping me pick out all the supplies I need. I priced out a few small canvases (for testing purposes), a few shades of paint (I’m starting with purple, pink, white and GOLD), and some brushes and mediums, and I should be able to try this for under $50. Brad is begging me not to start a new project until after we’ve finished unpacking … but he can only hold me back so long. MUAHAHAHAHA. (I have a secret suspicion that we may NEVER finish unpacking.)

Have you ever painted on canvas? Give me tips, please!