Powder Room Revamp

I haven’t shared much of our downstairs bathroom, and for good reason. We painted it when we moved in, but other than that, we pretty much left it alone. For some reason over the past couple months, though, I’ve suddenly had the urge to spruce ‘er up.

Here’s how it looked before:
Glitter and Goat Cheese - Downstairs half bath

And here’s how it looks now:
Glitter and Goat Cheese - Bathroom with white vanity and cobalt walls

It’s certainly not completely done, but now, I don’t shudder when I walk past it!

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Bathroom with cobalt walls and white vanity

The walls are Benjamin Moore’s Champion Cobalt. It’s a gorgeous color. I also painted the vanity in white semi-gloss. It clashes with the off-white countertop, which is unfortunate, but with the darkness of the walls, I really felt like the vanity just had to be white.

I spray-painted the existing towel ring and toilet paper holder with Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic in gold, and got new knobs for the vanity from Lowe’s. They were originally chrome, but I spray-painted them gold, too.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - DIY gold spray-painted cabinet hardware

The top “drawer” isn’t actually a drawer, but I felt like putting a knob on it made the whole vanity look more finished and less builder-grade. At some point in the future, I want to paint some gray trim around the doors and “drawer” front. I guess the cabinet doors will stay crooked until then, because I’m lazy.

The shelf and prints over the toilet are all DIY.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Bathroom with cobalt walls and DIY gold wood shelf

I got the two frames from Michael’s. I couldn’t find white ones in a thickness I liked, so I just bought silver and spray-painted them. I made the two prints in Adobe Illustrator. If you like them, you can download them and print them yourself! I just used a decent quality laser printer.
Right-click and Save As for the 5×7 ampersand print.
Right-click and Save As for the 5×7 “We’re All Mad Here” print.

Brad and I made the shelf using Ikea’s 7 1/2″ Ekby Bjarnum brackets (spray-painted gold) and a piece of red oak that we bought from Peach State Lumber. It looked like this before we stained it with Minwax Dark Walnut:
Glitter and Goat Cheese - Red oak for Ikea shelf hack

We used three coats of stain and two coats of Polycrylic, and I love how it came out!

Glitter and Goat Cheese - DIY gold and wood Ikea shelf
The little box is from Home Goods. I think it’s real purty.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Gold and wood Ikea hack shelf

I continued the black, white and gold on the opposite wall with two DIY abstract paintings in spray-painted Michael’s frames.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Cobalt walls with DIY abstract art

As you may recall, the watercolor was painted by Brad and hung by me back in January. I painted my two abstracts on 9″x11″ canvas boards from Michael’s, and removed the glass from the frames before I clipped them in.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Abstract black and white art

They’re my favorite paintings that I’ve done so far! I painted the canvases completely white first, then went over them with a few thick stripes. To finish ’em off, I dipped my brush in water and splattered some paint drops on top.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Abstract black white and gold art

Whew, that was a lot of photos! So, that’s our bathroom. I may still want to frame out the mirror and spray-paint the light fixture, but I’m trying to control myself. See, when we redo our floors downstairs, we’ll probably take the opportunity to actually replace the vanity and toilet, and then we’ll need to re-paint the walls, so we might as well replace the mirror and light fixture … So it’s a little silly to keep putting work into temporary items.

Have you made any just-gotta-do-it-to-keep-yourself-happy changes to a room you plan on completely re-doing later?

DIY Ikea Succulent Bowl

I have a major thing for succulents these days. I started off with a few from Lowe’s last fall, and I’m now up to 14. I may have a bit of a problem. Don’t judge me.

Houseplant experts will tell you never to buy plants from somewhere like Ikea, but I’ve had decent luck so far. They have a ton of different succulents for $2.99 each! And when I spotted this striped bowl for $6.99, inspiration struck.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea bowl with small succulents

I picked up three different haworthias (Note: Do not rely on the label that Ikea puts on the plants. A lot of them are wrong!) and an $0.89 bag o’ rocks (not pictured).

I was feeling ambitious, so I decided I was going to drill a drainage hole in the bottom of the bowl. I bought a 1/2″ glass and tile drill bit from Home Depot, thinking it’d be really easy.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Bosch Glass and Tile Drill Bit

It was not easy. It took me two hours (with frequent breaks) to get through the bottom of the bowl.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea bowl with drainage hole drilled in bottom

I do not recommend this. I’ve had succulents in bowls without drainage holes, and they’ve been fine. Just skip it.

But anyway, since I was being an overachieving succulent mom, I drilled through, and I also made my own succulent soil mix. Some more advice for you: Do not buy the pre-mixed stuff meant for cactuses. It is TERRIBLE. Gardening websites will usually recommend mixing regular potting soil with sand and perlite, but I skipped the sand for simplicity’s sake.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Making a succulent bowl

Perlite is the white styrafoam-looking stuff you see in most potting soil. You can buy a bag of it for under $5 from home improvement stores or nurseries and add more of it to your potting soil to make it drain faster. I used a mixture of half potting soil, half perlite.

After I mixed up my soil and put some in the bowl, I dug the succulents out of their pots. Side note: I found a little albino piece UNDER THE SOIL in the roots of one of them. See it in the pot all the way to the left? Isn’t it freaky?! It looks like a white lobster claw. I don’t think it’s ready for sunlight yet, so I planted it in its own little pot and am keeping it in the shade to see if it wants to live. I hope it does!

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea succulents

I tried to space them out enough so they’d have room to grow. Haworthias can offset (create little baby plants that will grow next to them), and I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t all end up choking each other.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - DIY Ikea succulent bowl before adding rocks

Finally, I added the rocks. Something finer, like gravel, might have been a better choice, but hey, you can’t beat $0.89!

Glitter and Goat Cheese - DIY Ikea succulent bowl

There are varying schools of thought on whether you should water succulents immediately after repotting them. I don’t have the bowl in a super sunny spot, and the days are getting shorter – plus, the potting soil was already pretty moist – so I’m not going to water mine for at least a week or two.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - DIY Ikea succulent bowl

So that’s my DIY Ikea succulent bowl, all for under $20! (Unless you count the drill bit. Let’s not count the drill bit.)

Anyone else love succulents as much as I do? Got any advice for keeping them alive and healthy?

Gray and Gold Rast Hack

WHOA. I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since my last post! I’ll be honest: We’ve finally reached the point where we can’t really justify spending any more money on stuff for the house. Consequently, I have nothing new and don’t have much to post about (though I do still need to finish the house tour). BUT – I did recently finish a furniture DIY that’s been a long time coming.

I’ll just dive right in and show you:
Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

Over a year after purchasing two Ikea Rast dressers, I finally got around to painting them!

Let’s go back to the beginning. I got the idea for this project from Design Manifest. This was my inspiration:

This is what the Rasts looked like when I first purchased them, of course:

I spray-painted the toe kicks gold immediately while the dressers were still in multiple pieces. Then, Brad put them together for me, and I brought them into the foyer to use for storage while they were waiting to be completed. Remember?

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - before painting

For whatever reason, though, I never ended up painting them. And once we moved into our new house, they came along, still unfinished. Here’s a peek at how they looked on Thanksgiving:

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hast - before painting

I didn’t get motivated until right before we decided to host a Super Bowl party. It was the first time most of our friends would see our new home, and I wanted it to look good. So, I gathered my supplies: Kilz spray primer; a foam roller; and Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint in Satin, color-matched to Benjamin Moore’s Ashland Slate (the same color as our kitchen cabinets and guest room walls).

I already had all the hardware: Antique brass decorative corners from Hardware World, and brass ring pulls from Lee Valley (43mm x 51mm burnished bronze, to be specific). The decorative corners had to be glued on – I used a Krazy Glue pen – so my plan was to lacquer the dressers before anything permanent happened. Unfortunately, spray lacquer can only be used in temperatures above 55 degrees, and that wasn’t going to happen before the party. So, I just put the hardware on anyway, because I am the most impatient person on the planet.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

When I do get around to lacquering these and have to tape off the decorative corners, I know I’m going to be cursing myself. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

I’m actually glad I didn’t paint these until we got here, because I love that they’re the same color as the kitchen cabinets. It ties the two rooms together without being too matchy.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

There was just one snafu in this process: My gold toe kicks got kicked to the curb. Somehow, they got really dirty and stained and dark and gross over the course of the year. I could have re-painted them, but that would have required either taking them apart or taping them off, and I was just in too much in a hurry. Instead, I primed right over the dirty gold. They look nice for now, but I think I might like to goldify the toe kicks by hand at a later date. Maybe with high-quality acrylic? Or gold leaf? I just don’t know!

So, what do you think of my Rasts? Worth the wait? Should I goldify the toe kicks, or leave them gray?