Gray and Gold Rast Hack

WHOA. I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since my last post! I’ll be honest: We’ve finally reached the point where we can’t really justify spending any more money on stuff for the house. Consequently, I have nothing new and don’t have much to post about (though I do still need to finish the house tour). BUT – I did recently finish a furniture DIY that’s been a long time coming.

I’ll just dive right in and show you:
Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

Over a year after purchasing two Ikea Rast dressers, I finally got around to painting them!

Let’s go back to the beginning. I got the idea for this project from Design Manifest. This was my inspiration:

This is what the Rasts looked like when I first purchased them, of course:

I spray-painted the toe kicks gold immediately while the dressers were still in multiple pieces. Then, Brad put them together for me, and I brought them into the foyer to use for storage while they were waiting to be completed. Remember?

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - before painting

For whatever reason, though, I never ended up painting them. And once we moved into our new house, they came along, still unfinished. Here’s a peek at how they looked on Thanksgiving:

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hast - before painting

I didn’t get motivated until right before we decided to host a Super Bowl party. It was the first time most of our friends would see our new home, and I wanted it to look good. So, I gathered my supplies: Kilz spray primer; a foam roller; and Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint in Satin, color-matched to Benjamin Moore’s Ashland Slate (the same color as our kitchen cabinets and guest room walls).

I already had all the hardware: Antique brass decorative corners from Hardware World, and brass ring pulls from Lee Valley (43mm x 51mm burnished bronze, to be specific). The decorative corners had to be glued on – I used a Krazy Glue pen – so my plan was to lacquer the dressers before anything permanent happened. Unfortunately, spray lacquer can only be used in temperatures above 55 degrees, and that wasn’t going to happen before the party. So, I just put the hardware on anyway, because I am the most impatient person on the planet.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

When I do get around to lacquering these and have to tape off the decorative corners, I know I’m going to be cursing myself. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

I’m actually glad I didn’t paint these until we got here, because I love that they’re the same color as the kitchen cabinets. It ties the two rooms together without being too matchy.

Glitter and Goat Cheese - Ikea Rast dresser hack - Painted dark gray with brass hardware

There was just one snafu in this process: My gold toe kicks got kicked to the curb. Somehow, they got really dirty and stained and dark and gross over the course of the year. I could have re-painted them, but that would have required either taking them apart or taping them off, and I was just in too much in a hurry. Instead, I primed right over the dirty gold. They look nice for now, but I think I might like to goldify the toe kicks by hand at a later date. Maybe with high-quality acrylic? Or gold leaf? I just don’t know!

So, what do you think of my Rasts? Worth the wait? Should I goldify the toe kicks, or leave them gray?


Marbled Paper Deserves a Frame

… And I intend to give it one!

Here are a few sneak peeks at the latest items to grace the Glitter & Goat Cheese house. As per usual, not a single one has been hung yet.

Paper Mojo Pirouette Marbled Paper - Turquoise Apricot and Raspberry - Ikea Ribba Frame
Pirouette Marbled Paper in Turquoise, Apricot & Raspberry ($4.50 from Paper Mojo) in a seriously large Ikea Ribba frame ($24.99). A big, beautiful piece of original art for under $30. I believe Kristin F. Davis did this first, and Danielle Oakey also framed a gorgeous piece. It’s sweeping the interwebs! You’re next – you know it!

It’s so vibrant in person. I’m obsessed.

Pirouette Marbled Paper - Turquoise Apricot and Raspberry - CloseUp

Let it be known that this particular Ribba frame (the 28″ x 40″) is a huge pain in the ass. The clear piece is actually plastic, not glass, which is fine. It makes it lighter, safer and easier to hang. However, when you remove the plastic wrap that the frame comes in, it makes the plastic piece extremely static-y, and if your frame happens to be lying on a carpet where your pets hang out, it’s going to get COVERED in fur. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was to bend down those stupid pieces of metal 87 times only to flip the frame over and find ANOTHER piece of hair caught in between the paper and the plastic. UGH. It was AWFUL. Anyway. Moving on.

These two are just a small part of my upcoming mini-gallery wall.

Paper Mojo Marbled Paper - Ikea Ribba Frames - Ikea Rast Dressers

The fuchsia is Agate Marbled Paper in Purple and Pink in a 20″x16″ Ribba frame, and the grey is Pirouette Marbled Paper in Black, Gold and Silver in a 20″x28″ Ribba frame.

You’re also getting a first look at my two Ikea dressers, which are in the middle of being hacked. Can you guess where I’m going with them?

When I get around to replacing the three frames I smashed – don’t ask – the gallery wall will hopefully look like this:

Foyer - Gallery Wall - Ribba Frame - Layout

I don’t have pieces planned for each frame quite yet, but I do have some more paper from my Paper Mojo order.

Paper Mojo - Ikat And Marbled Paper

The pink paper – Agate Marbled Paper in Rose and Blue – will probably be the only one used in the gallery wall. I think the two ikat sheets – in turquoise & gold and yellow & gold – will go in our bedroom somewhere.

I also have some of the grey and fuchsia left, and just hate the idea of throwing them away … Should I use them elsewhere in the house, or is that just too much marbled paper for one abode?

Pirouette Marbled Paper - Black Gold and Silver

It’s just so damn pretty!

I think the rest of the gallery wall needs to stick to the simple, abstract look. I’d really love to order an Electric Garden print from Cozamia, but I feel like that insanity deserves a GIANT frame and its very own wall, don’t you?

Stay tuned for more photos after I get these puppies hung on the wall!

Have you found inexpensive artwork substitutes to frame in your home? I’d love to see!